Post 16 Support

Form September 2014 some young people will be able to receive support through an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan until they are 25. Before, statements of special educational needs stopped at 19 for young people* who were in school.

The support that young people with special educational needs or disabilities receive from age 16 will encourage young people to make decisions, and develop skills and qualifications that will enable them to achieve their aspirations and move into adulthood with confidence. Young people who have an EHC plan will be supported to move out of their plan and access the adult services they need.

* A child is a person under compulsory school age. A young person is a person over compulsory school age but under 25. A person is no longer of compulsory school age after the last day of summer term during the year in which they become 16.

Education, Health and Care Plans

Education, Health and Care plans are replacing Learning Difficulty Assessments and Statements.

You won't get a plan unless you have significant support needs.

Education, Health and Care plans.

Education Health and Care plans are a lot more focused on the individual person and will help young people get the support they need.

Education, Health and Care plans are tailored to individual needs