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In September 2014, Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans replaced Statements of Special Educational Needs and Learning Difficulty Assessments. EHC plans focus on what a child or young person* wants to achieve and what support is needed to do this.

Who Will Get an EHC Plan?

EHC plans are for children and young people who have a special education need or disability that cannot be met by support that is usually available in a school or college. EHC plans can continue until you are 25 but it will stop if you:

  • go to university
  • get a job
  • tell your local authority you no longer want your EHC plan, or
  • the local authority thinks you no longer need it. For example, following a review, because you have achieved the educational goals written in the plan and no longer need additional special educational help.

Independent Supporters will be available to help children and young people and their families who are having an EHC assessment, or moving from their statement of special educational needs to an EHC plan. You can find out more about Independent Supporters from your local authority or an impartial information, advice and support service.

*A child is a person under compulsory school age. A young person is a person over compulsory school age but under 25. A person is no longer of compulsory school age after the last day of summer term during the year in which they become 16.

Education, Health and Care Plan.

What will be included in an EHC plan?

An EHC plan will be tailored to meet your particular needs so each child or young person’s plan will look different. Your EHC plan will include information about you, how you like to communicate, what support you need and what you would like to achieve.

All the people who support you will be able to see the information in your plan. You will be able to share your views about what personal information is included in your plan and who should see this information.

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Education, Health and Care Plan tailored to measure.