Education, Health and Care Plan Easy Read

What is an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)?

Children and young people who need extra help with learning have Education, Health and Care plans.  Sometimes these are called EHC plans.

The plan will use information from your EHC Needs Assessment to say what you want to achieve and what support must be provided to help you.

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What is in the Plan?

Everyone will have a different plan because it is all about YOU.  We are all different.

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It will have information like:

  • Who you are
  • How you communicate
  • What you want to achieve
  • Why you need help with things
  • What kind and amount of support you need, and how often you must get it
  • Where you go to school or college (if you do).
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Once this support is written down in the plan, it must be given to you.

All the people that support you will be able to see your plan. It should help them work together to support you.

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You have the right to say what kind of information you think should be in your plan and who you want to see it.

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Who gets a Plan?

If you are aged 25 years or under and you need extra help with learning then you might get a plan to help you get more support.

EHC will carry on until you are 25 years old.

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This will stop if:

  • You go to University
  • You get a job
  • The local authority think you do not need it anymore.

You can tell the local authority what you think about your plan and they must listen to you.

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The local authority are sometimes called “the council”. They might say that you do not need an EHC plan anymore if there are big changes that mean you no longer need the support in the plan. They will tell you first.

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If you do not agree then you can say so. You can ask us for help.

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Will someone Help me to get a Plan?

Plymouth Information, Advice and Support can help you if you have any questions about your EHC plan.

You can contact us in several different ways:

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